HISTORY/How we got started: I have been in building & repair for more than 25yrs., with 12 of those yrs., in an apprenticeship position, “OJT” learning the different trades of building & repair. Equip. operator, Underground, Mechanical, Welding, Concrete, Framing, Plumbing, Electrical, All finish work, Complete new construction & Complete Remodel work. In 2008 I could not find employment with any local employers. So I bought an old service truck & started testing the waters to see if I could fill the need of a handyman. I found it to be in high demand & very rewarding. Fitting in with my personality & skills needed to fill such a position. I found it to be a success. And me being A clean & organized professional within my trades of work. I decided to create A Professional Handyman Service Company. Now we continue not only to get Bigger as a company but we also get Better & Better at creating & maintain that. Now in 2020, we are meeting another need in Professional handyman Services on A Contractor level. With our sister company Dependable Handyman Services Inc.

California Licensed Contractor # 1065708