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Handyman vs. Contractor

What is the difference between a Handyman and a Contractor?

A good place to start is the total value of your project labor and materials. If the value of the project is $499.00 and less, it is a Handyman project. If the value of the project is $500.00 or more this is a Contractor project.

How to determine the value of project:  Follow the rule of thumb and contact three different service providers regarding work to be done. And receive three different written and or verbal estimates. Preferably on project site with your local service provider.

Who is best for your project:  Keep in mind your local Handyman may be skilled in many different trades of work where the CSLB may license your local Contractor only in one trade of work. Each individually issued contractors license has restrictions on labor performed under his or her license classification. Regardless of skill level claimed by the service provider, don’t hire a plumbing contractor to do electrical work unless authorized to perform both trades as A general B contractor would be.

Finding the Right Handyman: Developing a trusting relationship with a skilled, reliable handyman is like finding that great daycare provider or doctor. It will take weight off your shoulders when things go wrong in your house. And things will go wrong. Keeping up on the maintenance of your home will maintain the value of this valuable asset, and a skilled handyman or contractor can certainly help.

Also, bear in mind that not all projects require you to hire a licensed contractor because there may not be a licensed issued in performing the task you are requesting to be done. But it is the responsibility of the property owner to verify, so ask your handyman or contractor. Contact the BBB and the CSLB, a little bit of homework can go a long way.

To help you verify, educate, and protect you/ your projects visit the Contractor State License Board @ 

Don’t put yourself and your service provider at risk: Use your better judgment and watch for the Red Flags, pricing to good to be true, late or missed appointments, unmarked work vehicle, no business card, no written estimate or contract. Verify, licensing, insurances, worker comp. and local permitting requirements. It is a better business practice for the service provider to provide this type of information; however, it is the responsibility of the property owner to verify all of the above and to be responsible for who you hire.

We would also like to direct you to the Better Business Bureau to help you with the process of hiring a service provider for your project @ What should you expect?

So what is the difference: A handyman is someone you can call on to take care of the smaller projects you may have. And to perform the maintenance necessary to prevent the potential expensive problem in the future. And a Contractor is someone you can call on for your larger projects and remodels. We suggest creating a relationship with both. A good experienced Handyman and an experienced, reliable Contractor. We believe it pay’s to know both and hire accordingly.

Dependable Handyman Services Inc. as A company hopes to be able to fulfill both your needs of A Licensed contractor and handyman. “Contractor #1065708 general B”

Dependable Handyman Services Inc. would like for every project to be a complete success. However, we live in the real world and do understand things happen, unforeseen’s do exist. However, we do our best to minimize those potentials risks involved in starting and completing your projects.

Disclaimer: All of the information above is the experience and opinion of Dependable Handyman Services Inc.